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2-Day Great Barrier Reef Reefsleep Experience

2 Days 1 Night

2-Day Great Barrier Reef Reefsleep Experience
Imagine experiencing all the splendor of the Great Barrier Reef at night as you spend two-full days and one-night on the Great Barrier Reef. The brightness of the stars twinkling in the sky above, the moonlit crystal waters gently lapping against spectacular coral walls, and that unique feeling of peace and tranquility one can only experience when secluded on this natural wonder.

Enjoy all the facilities of the newly refurbished Reefworld over two full days and experience the peace and tranquility of the Great Barrier Reef at night. With exclusive time to explore the reef on your own and two SCUBA dives, you will experience many close encounters with schools of colorful reef fish and spectacular coral formations.

Encompassing two days and one night at the newly refurbished Reefworld, Reefsleep accommodates a maximum of six guests only and allows you to enjoy the solitude and tranquility of the Great Barrier Reef in a decidedly individual environment.


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    Multi-Day Trip
    Treat a loved one on a special occasion
    All necessary equipment included
    Breakfast included
    Buffet lunch included
    Dinner included
    Travel by boat and see the sights from the water

Introductory Diving

For the first time diver, you'll be shown how enjoyable and easy scuba diving really is! After a 20 minute lecture on board en route to Reefworld, you'll be fitted with your equipment in the dive area and then taken to the 'Moon Pool' for a practice session. Once you've mastered the skills, the dive instructor will gently guide you down the rope trail to a depth of 8-10 meters. A series of rope trails along the reef are used for reference points and security for the less confident and inexperienced divers. For 30 minutes you'll have time to enjoy the beauty of the reef and be amazed by the bountiful and spectacular fish life. Small groups of 4 divers per instructor means there is a high level of supervision. If you're lucky, Wally the Hump Headed Maori Wrasse will come say hello or you might even spot a turtle or eagle ray gliding by.

Certified Diving

For the more experienced divers, once an in depth briefing is given, which will cover any diver questions or worries, you'll enter the water via the Moon Pool and dive for approximately 45 minutes to a maximum depth of 16m. The top 16m of Hardy Reef hosts the most marine life and the more recent coral formations so it's where the best coral and fish life is to be found. If the tide and conditions are suitable, a drift dive may also be an option. Certified divers must produce their C Card.

The Moon Pool

A special feature of Reefworld is the 'Moon Pool', a suspended dive cage in waist deep water, located underneath Reefworld. The Moon Pool is an ideal safe area for introductory divers to practice their skills before venturing out in to deeper waters and an excellent entry/exit point for certified divers.

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